Winter 2020

So far so good, with flu season upon us we have managed to stay calm, be safe and muster through.  We are doing everything safely and it seems as if I live at the salon now.  I am serving one customer at a time during my day and still am not feeling comfortable with double booking just yet.  I believe I may wait till spring or until there is widespread vaccine coverage.  That being said, I am working long hours trying to serve all my regular customers and striving to find time for the new folks who are wanting to visit me.  I ask for folks to be mindful that I am not as flexible as I used to be and a last minute cancellation is extremely detrimental to my day.  I urge everyone to prebook to get their perfect time but also try hard to keep the appointment.  I realize that things happen, and am understanding when things don’t go to plan but scrambling last minute to fill a 2.5 hour appointment is difficult.  Thank you in advance for being mindful of the restrictions during this weird time.  We are all so fatigued by this…trust me, I feel it too. 

Moving on…there are a few changes I have added to my business to allow for ease of use.  The first is an additional payment option to allow for “contactless” debit and credit payments.  Super happy to offer this option albeit at a additional 3% convenience fee (I wish I could absorb this cost but right now I can’t take a cut in pay).  The device is up and running now and it really is convenient.  As you may know I have also been an advocate of the Local Gift Card program since it’s conception.  If you are someone who wants to support local businesses (like mine) please visit the website to get more information.  From all of us small businesses we thank you for your support. 

The second change is my supply run days.  I have moved this auspicious day from Monday (my day off) to Thursday afternoons.  This has happened because of my recent working hour changes.  I now have Thursday afternoons off to do errands and run around and that leaves my day off for my rest.  If you have a product request please get a hold of me during my working hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 11-6, Thursday 9-1 or Friday 1-8.  Sunday, Monday and Holidays are now strictly my days off.  

Autumn 2020

Still open and going strong.  I am offering full service (meaning blow outs) and have changed my hours to offer more choices to clients for their hair care needs.  My hours are as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 11am to 6pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm and Friday 1pm to 8pm.  I am hoping that I am able to cover all requests for this holiday and winter season.  I deeply appreciate your business while this crazy world happens around us.  Starting January, I will be accepting debit and credit for payment using the “Square”.  There is a small fee for this convenience but the same payment options you have used before (cash, cheque and etransfer) will also be available.  Also, my instagram social platform has totally changed to a salon only focus.  Hope you join me there.

July 2020

Mandatory masks for both clients and stylists prevent the spread.  Here is a news article to back that statement up.  CTV NEWS

June 2020

We are so excited to get back to doing what we love to do – serving you.  We will have flexible hours/days for the first weeks of our return as we work together to navigate this new normal. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to safely get back to providing you with the best possible care. Please visit the Covid-19 Response Page for our safe practices.

Your stylist, Susanne

PS: Below is some information because I have been asked to produce some factual information about this topic.  

—– Can blow drying hair spread the virus? —–

Speaking of blowing air, readers like Rita M. are wondering if the hair dryer at the salon can spread COVID-19.

The experts we asked said it is a possibility, but there isn’t any concrete data to back it up. 

Blow drying may spread droplet particles beyond “the two-metre radius that we normally talk about with breathing, coughing and sneezing,” said Dr. Mark Downing, infectious disease physician at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto. 

But “the risk is extremely low,” said Dr. Zain Chagla, infectious disease physician at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton.

“If someone were to breathe, cough, or sneeze droplets while the hair dryer is running, it could technically push the droplet around,” he said.

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The risk of COVID-19 being spread by blow dryers at a salon is “extremely low,” experts say — especially if the client and stylist are taking proper precautions. (Alexandre Lauzon/Radio-Canada)

“That being said, the dry air from the hair dryer as well as the heat will likely disrupt the virus within that droplet, making it less infectious.”

The real risk in a salon doesn’t come from blow dryers, our experts agreed, but from our close proximity to others and the potential contact with high-touch surfaces.

The Alberta government said blow drying is not recommended unless both the stylist and client wear masks. Our experts said that is something everyone should be doing anyway when physical distancing is a challenge. Both stylists and clients should be sure to wash their hands and avoid coming in if they’re sick. 

Hair salons should also book appointments in advance to minimize walk-in traffic, maintain adequate spacing between customers — including in the waiting areas — and disinfect surfaces and equipment between each appointment.  

Read the full CBC full article here:

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